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Video Title: The Untold Story
Also Known As: Human Pork Chop, 八仙饭店之人肉叉烧包, Ba Xian fan dian zhi ren rou cha shao, Baat sin faan dim ji yan yuk cha siu baau, Bunman, Untold Story : Human Mean Roast Pork Buns, Human Meat Pies : The Untold Story
Year: 1993
Starring: Anthony Wong Chau Sang, Danny Lee Sau Yin, Emily Kwan Bo Wai, Eric Kee Ka Fat, Parkman Wong Pak Man, Lam King Kong, Shing Fui On, Julie Lee Wah Yet, Lau Siu Ming, Tony Leung Hung Wah
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Cat III, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Crime, Drama
Subtitle: English
Size: 570MB
Length: 01:35:28
Resolution: 600x448
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"Bunman - The Untold Story" is one of the most horribly disturbing horror movies ever made. Anthony Wong plays a lunatic who butchers a restaurant owner and his family in Macau after a gambling argument. He takes over the restaurant and uses the family's bodies to make pork buns! "The Untold Story" is a nasty, brutal film based on a real-life facts. Anthony Wong is perfect as the psychotic Wong Chi Hang and his grotesque grin is truly bone-chilling. The violence is extremely shocking: the family slaughter scene has to be one of the most repulsive acts of violence I've ever witnessed on film. The other sequences like brutal rape and murder of his female employee or Wong's suicide attempt in jail are also pretty hard to stomach. Still "The Untold Story" is sprinkled with humour what makes it a bit easier to watch. A must-see for fans of extreme cinema.
HumanoidOfFlesh from Chyby, Poland


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