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Ghost Story Of Kam Ping Mui (1991)

Video Title: Ghost Story Of Kam Ping Mui
Also Known As: 聊齋金瓶梅
Year: 1991
Starring: Chan Pooi Kei, Chaai Hon, Man Siu, Ku Feng, Kam Kong, Wu Ma, Wong Mei Ching, Pak Yue San
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Adult, Cat III, Fantasy, Ghost
Subtitle: English, Chinese
Size: 847 MB
Resolution: 480x320
Length: 01:32:50
Video format: XVID
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Based on a series of Ghost stories from the classical Lui Jai literary collection, Ghost Story Of Kam Pin Mui takes an erotic look at the fornification between human and ghost. Set during China's Sung Dynasty.


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