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Erotic Journey (1993)

Video Title: Erotic Journey
Also Known As: 禁忌性遊戲
Year: 1993
Starring: Chan Wing Chi, Suen Kwok Ming, Dick Wei, Ivy Wong Yuet Saan, Melvin Wong Gam San
Country: Hong Kong, Thailand
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Adult, Cat III, Thriller
Subtitle: English, Chinese
Size: 643 MB
Resolution: 640x480
Length: 01:17:06
Video format: XVID

Three girls working at an adult club in Hong Kong went on a vacation in Thailand. They got drunk in a club and got into a fight with the club manager.
Three men also vacationing in Thailand from Hong Kong just happen to be there and rescued them. The six of them went back to the hotel and have sex. It turns out those 3 men were drug dealers and left some drugs with the girls. The three drug dealers got involved in a busted drug deal
when the 3 girls just turned up at the scene. The police thought the girls were involved and arrested them. They were sent to a prison camp in the Thai jungles.
Soft-to-medium porn cheapie. Mostly set in jungles of Thailand. Quite a lot of sex action and nudity, including a several lovely shower/bathing scenes. Very solid Cat III, pretty silly, quite watchable.


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